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Sooooo, AIM profiles have been replaced by something called "Lifestream"? I feel like the Rip Van Winkle of instant messaging.

I have never g-chatted or skyped in my whole lifetime! Does it burn?
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so... this looks like a still from the opening scene of a porno.
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and if you only watch up until a 1:17 1:41, you'll be good.

"high presha! get excited!"

"...can't eat veal."
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43-hundo block of chestnut be crawlin with bed bugzzzzzzzz! watchout, punkers.. those drexelites' bodies are infestedddd. also, ew, NY!

(south philly + 1 / west philly -1,000 points)


Sep. 23rd, 2010 05:15 am
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set was short!!
(this is a crop!!)

but also bru-tal. they are the funniest dudes. good attitudes. i made a few pictures.

factoid: this dude here (ian) has one of my all time fave speaking voices. it's so specific and froggy.
and tonight he reminded the audience to be good to your guys and gals.
" 'cause if you think about it, that's really your peoples. " haha. best dude.

ok, i butchered the quote pretty bad but here it is:

the bobble head on the lower right there is me. so, you can sees why i am now deaf person.
guy in the yellow shirt dancin' is one of kett's visiting portlanders.
there was a strong kettner's friends presence but he stayed home to do crocheting and cry over a porterhouse steak.
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Eating nerds in the lower east side with photographers from mexico city. Shakes wit harrington. Stage dives. Also I was def on my knees licking Nobunny's...thighs and belly? Solid night. On strangers' couch 4am can't zleep.
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LOST PHONE IN GUTTER HOLE. Got new one. PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ME so I have yer number again.
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what's good?

so, milo aukerman is living in newark, delaware; huh? roadtrip. no sleep 'til stalkage.
i'd be good with seeing him getting a coffee at wawa. that'd do me just fine.

plus, it's summer, so he'd be wearing shorts. awesome. haha.
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so, i am trying to be cooler about my nobunny fangirldom (and failing)
but as i was makin' the dinner just now i pulled these suckers outta the fridge.

what am i supposed to do?
classic cut 'n' peeled, baby.
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these four songs from Jeffrey Lewis' "12 Crass Songs" album!

(it's not just a clever title)

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(old work, new diptych)


Jan. 16th, 2010 05:41 pm
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Waiting For Something - a short documentary about Jay Reatard

Jay Reatard | MySpace Music Videos

i'm posting this again one for anyone who's never seen it (and is interested)
because it's my journal and i can do what i want.
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I just looked this up to confirm the text Evan sent me. Missed him the last time he passed through in November & now I'm really regretting it. I sure did like what he was up to.

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this guy. (stolen from the blag "my love for you is a stampede of horses".)


Jan. 5th, 2010 05:39 pm
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my mom just sent me this.

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