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Birthdate:Dec 8
Location:United States of America
Website:weird nj
i'm leigh.
i lived in philadelphia. now i live in brooklyn. it is not so bad.


i'm a dork, no one cares.

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against me!, arting around, baudrillard, beavis, bikes, black-wave, bridges, bukowski, burritos, climbing, cometbus, dancin', darkrooms, david lynch, devo, dirty bubblegum, dogs, doing shit, dr. frank, drums!, ecfu, ed templeton, everything, everywhere, evolution and progress, exploring, fecal face, fight club, flight of the conchords, france, going faster, good design, guy debord, hand made, heshers, hiding, history, hitchcock, ian mackaye, iconoclasm, integrity, inverts, ira glass, jay reatard, jean-michel basquiat, john currin, language, latin america, learning, liam lynch, lightning bugs, long car rides, lookout!, lux interior, mail order, margaret kilgallen, mark mothersbaugh, michel gondry, milkshakes, monsters, motown, new jersey, new york correspondence school, nobunny, npr, old pop-punk, pee wee's playhouse, people watching, pete & pete, photography, physicality, pinhead gunpowder, plow united, potty-humor, power-pop, psychogeography, punk rock, repo man, rock n rollers, secret crushes, secular humanism, sideburns, sifl & olly, simple pleasures, sincerity, skateboarding, sleaze, socialism, static age, summer, taco trucks, tapes, the boss, the clash, the east bay, thrash pop, writing, zines, zombies- of course
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